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How to stay safe

1.Always, make sure your doors and windows are locked. 34% of break-ins happen through the front door and 23% through a first floor window.

2.If you leave to visit relatives, have someone you trust plow your driveway and pick up your mail so it seems like you are home. 67% of burglaries happen when no one is there.

3. Be careful about disposing gift packages. If your packages are visible from the curb, potential burglars will know what you have in your home.

4.Secure your home. The vast majority of burglars won’t rob a home with a security system. And with SimpliSecureUSA getting one is easier then ever. Order today, and when you get it, just open the box, plug it in, and your family is protected 24/7 by professional security monitoring.

Stay safe through the holidays